How To Use a Yoga Wheel: 5 Yoga Wheel Exercises You Need To Try

How To Use a Yoga Wheel: 5 Yoga Wheel Exercises You Need To Try


If you have ever taken a yoga class, you are undoubtedly already familiar with the many yoga props that are used to position the body in ways that might otherwise be impossible. Props are intended to make challenging poses more accessible. 

In recent years, yoga wheels have been gaining a lot of attention. The yoga wheel is arguably the most adaptable and beginner-friendly yoga prop available. But how exactly do you use one during your yoga practice? And what are the advantages of using it? Let's get into the specifics of this cutting-edge yoga tool below.


What Are Yoga Wheels?


A green Acupoint Yoga Wheel

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A yoga wheel is a wheel-shaped object that is used to increase the effectiveness of several yoga poses. It is made up of cork or plastic and comes in various sizes to accommodate different body types and purposes. Mini yoga wheels are beneficial for beginners who prefer a softer approach or don't want to bend their backs as much. Larger wheels are fantastic for taller yogis or seasoned yogis who really like deep, heart-opening backbends. 


Benefits of Using a Yoga Wheel


Below are some benefits of using a yoga wheel:


1) Helps to Improve Practice


A lady on the beach with the sun rising while she does yoga with her yoga wheel

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Yoga wheels are a fantastic tool for supporting your practice and helping you progress. Yoga wheels help to maintain backbends, build strength, tone the body, and develop flexibility and balance.


2) Relief from Back Pain


A lady holding her back on either side wearing a green shirt and white shorts

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Practically everyone in today's society suffers from some type of back ache. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to treat back discomfort, whether on or off the mat, is using a yoga wheel. It works like a free self-administered spinal massage.


3) It Improves Your Breathing


A lady sitting on her yoga mat in the park doing some yoga breathing

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Using a yoga wheel can also improve your breathing. This is especially helpful for those who struggle with conditions like asthma. Regular use of the yoga wheel can strengthen your spine. Once your spine is healthy, your respiratory system will also improve.


4) Reduced Risk of Injury


A lady lying on the yoga wheel facing to the roof using her arms to balance her

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Yoga can cause injuries if practiced poorly. Using a yoga wheel can help you practice yoga with less chance of injury. They provide an additional pillar of support to various poses, thereby lessening the risk of injury or bodily strain.


5) Strengthens Core Muscles


A lady lying on the ground with her arms above her head showing her stomach muscles

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One of the best ways to strengthen your core is by using a yoga wheel. A strong core is necessary to protect your lower back and spine. A yoga wheel can help you in maintaining your balance while performing various yoga poses, which in turn enhances core strength.


Yoga Wheel Exercises


Now that we are aware of the benefits of using a yoga wheel, we can now learn more about the many exercises we can perform with it. Here are 5 basic yoga wheel poses:


1) Open Shoulders Extended


A lady lying on her stomach with her arms open in front of her and the wheel holding her from the pelvis up

Credit: UpCircleSeven


This pose is excellent for beginners and for those who want to engage their back and shoulders.


1) To do this position, lay over the wheel and carefully slide your torso forward until it rests on the floor.

2) Then, stretch your arms in front of you while pushing your hands firmly into the ground.

3) Make sure that the wheel is securely in position beneath your abdomen and slowly raise your legs up.

4) Try to unwind your shoulders so that your upper and middle back can open.

5) Hold this position for 10 breaths.


2) Wheel-Assisted Crow Pose


A lady lifting her body up off the wheel with her hands on either side of the wheel

Credit: yogaandphoto


Crow Pose calls for a great deal of balance and coordination. With the yoga wheel, you can unwind into the crow pose while still feeling elevated and supported.


1) Squat down behind the yoga wheel with your heels lifted off the floor, keeping your feet together, and the yoga wheel flat on the floor.

2) Lean your torso forward in between your knees while grasping the yoga wheel with your hands. Slightly tip over your hands, flex your elbows, and rest your shins on the back sides of your upper arms.

3) From here, try to secure your knees to your armpits and nestle your inner thighs into your torso.

4) Increase your forward lean and gradually shift your weight until you can slowly lift your feet into the air behind you. Make an effort to stretch your elbows.

5) Maintain a steady breathing pattern while maintaining your neck neutral and your core active.

6) Hold the position for five breaths.


3) Wheel-Assisted Child's Pose


A lady on the floor kneeling and her arms on the wheel lifting her head off the ground

Credit: Fitsri


The child Pose is a well-known, calming pose that gently and easily stretches the thighs, lower back, and hips. Using a yoga wheel with this pose can help give your shoulders and chest a deeper stretch.


1) Sit back on your heels while kneeling on the ground with your big toes in contact.

2) Put your hands on the wheel. Take a breath in, then as you exhale, tilt your torso forward, lengthen your spine, and move the wheel away from your body with your hands.

3) Lean forward even more until your arms are straight in front of you and your belly is securely resting between your thighs.

4) Hold for three breaths minimum.


4) Seated Forward Fold


A lady sitting on the floor with her legs leaning on the yoga wheel and her hands holding her feet

Credit: Envato Elements/ korneevamaha


A seated forward fold is a great yoga wheel exercise to unwind your entire body. It will help stretch out your hamstrings and even improve your posture.


1) Begin by assuming a seated position on your mat with your legs extended in front of you.

2) Kneel on the mat with your feet flat on the surface. Slide the wheel beneath your legs until it touches your calves.

3) Holding the yoga wheel in both hands, lean over your thighs. Push your hips back until your hamstrings start to feel some pressure. Relax your upper body onto your thighs completely.

4) Hold this position while taking a deep breath.


5) Yoga Wheel Rolling Plank


A lady with her legs on the wheel and holding her body straight using her arms to hold her up

Credit: ProsourceFit


We all know that holding a plank posture is the key to developing a strong core, but this wheel-assisted variation pushes your movement, concentration, and balance to the limit.


1) Start in a tabletop position with your yoga wheel at the bottom.

2) Lift one leg up and place it on top of the wheel. Do the same with your other leg.

3) At this point, you should be in a plank posture with your legs extended and your feet on top of the yoga wheel.

4) Roll the wheel forward while keeping your knees bent and your core active.

5) Repeat as often as you like.


How Much Weight Can a Yoga Wheel Hold?


A blue yoga wheel and a box

Credit: Envato Elements/ DragonImages


Most yoga wheels can support up to 400–500 lbs. of weight.  Some of the props are stronger and able to hold your complete body weight whereas others are intended for lighter practice. Therefore, while choosing a yoga wheel, make sure to carefully check the weight restriction and take into account your intended use.


Are Yoga Wheels Suitable for Beginners?


A lady with her feet on a cork yoga wheel on a pink yoga mat

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Yoga wheels are the ideal yoga prop for beginners since they reduce the chance of injury while allowing you to practice backbends and heart-opening poses. While you lengthen and stretch, the wheel supports your spine and, with each rolling action, works out any knots.




Yoga wheels are fantastic because you can use them in so many different ways. They are a great way to increase your practice.

Are you searching for a yoga wheel? If so, then you're in luck. The Acupoint yoga wheel is made of durable high-end plastic and can support up to 550 pounds of weight. It offers all the stability, comfort, and strength that you need in a yoga wheel. 

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