6 Yoga Essentials for Beginners

6 Yoga Essentials for Beginners


When you first begin practicing yoga, it might be challenging to determine what equipment you need. If you're a beginner and want to feel like an expert, add these items to your basket that will support your new, healthy yoga practice.


Essential Yoga Gear for Beginners


When you're new to the discipline, having the right yoga equipment can boost your confidence. Before beginning your yoga adventure, be sure to purchase the following items:


1)  Yoga Mat

 A bright yellow yoga mat on a dark wooden floor

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Your yoga mat provides a grip for your hands and feet to prevent slippage, especially when you begin to sweat. It also serves as a cushion when placed on a hard surface. 

When deciding on the material, you have the option of selecting a natural rubber yoga mat or a luxury yoga mat made of high-quality materials. Additionally, you need to also decide on the thicknesses; a thinner mat helps with stability during dynamic and balanced yoga poses, whilst a thicker mat is excellent for therapeutic postures and can provide comfort to people with painful joints due to its additional padding. Depending on the style of yoga you're practicing, choose the appropriate mat.


2)  Yoga Wheel

 A lady sitting on the floor with her legs on a yoga wheel

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Yoga wheels are a recently introduced accessory starting to catch on in the yoga studio. These wheels are roughly 4 inches wide and have a circumference of around 12 inches. They can be used to measure stability or give support in more advanced poses. If you're looking to buy a high-quality yoga wheel that can support up to 550 pounds of weight, check out Acupoint.


3)  Yoga Strap

 A lady standing straight holding a strap down her back with her hands

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Yoga straps, commonly referred to as yoga belts, are advantageous for users who have tight shoulders and hamstrings. Straps aid in appropriate alignment and allow you to safely perform postures outside the scope of your flexibility. 

Traditional yoga straps are typically composed of cotton or polyester, which could make you perspire and not be suitable for all yoga poses. For a yoga strap that can support all your yoga poses, shop at Acupoint. The Acupoint yoga strap is composed of non-elastic woven nylon and includes multiple loops to ensure ease of use.


4)  Yoga Blocks

 A blue block used in yoga on a green yoga mat

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Yoga bricks or blocks are made of wood, foam, or cork and are used to improve alignment and promote comfort. Blocks are particularly useful when practicing postures that require stability and grounding to keep your body in place. They enable you to maintain an open chest and a sturdy core while preventing misalignments.


5)  Essential Yoga Clothing

 A man and woman sitting on the floor in a yoga pose wearing exercise clothing

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The most important thing to keep in mind while buying yoga clothing is to choose flexible and comfortable clothing. You'll need the following:


Shorts or Pants: Select a pair of shorts or pants that will stretch with you and stay in place during your practice. If you prefer looser-fitting bottoms, a pair of joggers or a pair of tights with a four-way stretch will work.


Sports Bras: Yoga may be low-impact, but a decent sports bra may still enable you to transition between forms and advance your technique.


Tops: Wearing form-fitting t-shirts are advised to avoid your top from falling over your face as you move forward or backward. Additionally, consider wearing wicking clothing, especially if you perspire a lot or intend to practice hot yoga.


6)  Bolsters

 A lady sitting on a brown bolster on a red mat on a wooden floor

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Whether you are practicing yoga at home or are enrolled in a yoga class, bolsters can be pretty useful. They are especially handy during restorative yoga. For more relaxing seated and forward bending positions, use them in place of a blanket pile. As you recline, you can also put them under your knees or your back to provide support.




Yoga has several physical as well as mental health benefits. If you're new to this world, make sure that you hire a yoga teacher to avoid any injury. The above yoga essentials can benefit all levels of yoga students, especially beginners. While you can find most of these essentials in yoga studios, having your own means that you can practice at home. To shop for yoga wheels and yoga straps that you can trust, check out Acupoint.


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