Uses and Benefits of Massage Balls

Uses and Benefits of Massage Balls


How many occasions have you woken the next day with sore muscles from a workout? Perhaps a week of sitting at your desk has made you stiff? A massage ball could be the missing piece you've been seeking for.

A massage ball is perfect for removing soreness from your muscles, improving blood flow, and speeding up healing by getting into those hard to reach spots and pinpointing certain trigger points. 


Benefits of Using Massage Balls


Top athletes have access to massage therapists who can comfort their sore muscles after a hard training session, but the rest of us need a low-cost solution to release trigger points, and release stress in the body — and massage balls are the answer. Some of the benefits of using massage balls are as follows:


1) Target Sore Areas


A man sitting up in bed in his pajamas holding his head and back

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Massage balls are particularly effective in targeting trigger points in the calves, foot, shoulders, back, and quads. They can be rolled over the skin to release tension. Because their contact surface is so small, it's easy to apply the appropriate amount of pressure to each tissue area and pinpoint sore areas.


2) Physiotherapy in Your Own Home


A lady tilting her head so that the man can rub a ball up and down her neck

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There's no need to pay money for physiotherapy anymore. Massage balls will take care of your aching muscles and joints right in the comfort of your own home. Stress can have a negative effect on your body, so having your massage balls at home will make it easy to get a physio session whenever you want it, whether you're lying in bed or lounging on your couch.


3) Simple to Use


A lady holding herself up off the floor with her arms and a ball under her thighs

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Massage balls are easy to use because they are compact and may be used at home or the workplace. They don't require you to lie down or undress, and they fit into even the hectic schedules. When compared to the cost of physiotherapy, massage balls are a cheaper option for muscular relaxation. They are simple to use on their own, so you won't have to wait for someone to help you with your massage.


4) Additional Benefits


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Massage balls will release muscle tension, relieve cramping, improve blood circulation, and leads to muscle recovery, in addition to improved muscular strength and increased mobility. The massage balls provide just the proper amount of resistance to let you relax completely. Massage balls can lead to exceptional performance for your next exercise!


How Do I Use a Massage Ball


Although the subject of how to utilize a massage ball may appear straightforward, there is more to it than meets the eye. You can use a massage ball to relieve stress in tight regions of your body by rolling it over them or lying down on the ball and moving your body over it.

It's a good idea to utilize the ball before your workout to engage muscles like your hamstrings and arms. You can use the ball to relax stiff areas after an exercise, but it's best if you combine it with a good stretching program as well. You can also use the ball after a long day if your muscles are tight or sore.


Which Areas Are You Able To Focus On?


Massage balls are best used for the following areas:


1) Hamstrings and Calves


A person showing you how to use a ball on your calves

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Position the ball under one of your calves while sitting on the floor. Roll the ball between your calf and the floor, balancing and moving with your backside and arms.

Move the ball up the leg in circular motions to discover the sore points. Keep going up your hamstrings after skipping over the knee area.


2) Buttocks and Hips


A man lying on the floor with a ball under his hips

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Lie down on your back and roll the ball below one of your butt cheeks. There are many tiny muscles in your hips beneath the main glute muscles that make an effort to support your body as you go about your day, so training beyond the primary muscles into these will be quite beneficial.


3) Fronts of Your Legs


A lady sitting on the floor holding herself up with a ball under her thigh

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Sit down on the floor with the ball between your thigh and the floor. Roll the ball between your thigh and the floor while balancing on your forearms and knees. Quads don't get stretched very often in normal activity and are very tight muscles, so they'll appreciate the extra attention.


4) Side of Your Hips

A lady holding her body off the floor with a ball on the side of her hip

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Lie on your side, propped up on your arm, and gently roll on the ball between your hip and the floor. This work will complement the buttocks release work you've already done.


5) Chest


A lady leaning against a wall with a ball on her chest

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Put the ball between your upper chest (near to the head of the shoulder) and the wall while standing close to a smooth doorway or edge of the wall. Your head will most likely need to go into the opening of the doorway when you apply pressure by pushing into the ball.

This area becomes extremely congested, especially for persons who operate on computers and frequently use their arms.


Types of Massage Balls


These are some of the most common massage balls available:


1) Peanut Massage Balls


A lady lying on her back on the floor with a peanut ball between her and the ground

Credit: Acupoint


A peanut massage ball can be used to deliver targeted massage in any location. It works muscles in the back, legs, shoulders, neck, and any place else you need to reduce inflammation and promote flexibility. Because of the distinctive design, it's ideal for trigger point therapy and myofascial release, so stiffness will be a thing of the past.


2) Lacrosse Ball


A lady sitting on the floor with her one leg up showing you how to use a lacrosse ball

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Because of its size, a lacrosse ball is ideal for working your arms, back, glutes, quads, and other muscle groups.


3) Spiky Massage Balls


A lady with a spiky ball under her foot and rolling on the floor

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A spiky massage ball or spiky ball often has a spiky surface that stimulates the body, improves myofascial release, and improves blood circulation. This is a smaller massage ball that is frequently utilized on sensitive regions of the foot and can help with conditions like Plantar Fasciitis.


4) Large Massage Balls


A lady holding her arm out with a large Acupoint massage ball out in front of her

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A small massage ball like a lacrosse ball can target deep knots but can cause pain. A large massage ball can be used for a situation like this. These are also the best massage balls for larger muscle groups.


5) Cold Massage Ball


An Everjoys cold massage ball used to provide a relaxing full body massage and trigger point therapy

Credit: Everjoys


A cold massage ball is used to provide relaxing full-body massage and trigger point therapy.  It can be used to massage muscles lightly before and after a workout. They are best used to loosen tight muscles.




The massage ball is beneficial to the body in a variety of ways, and if you want to have a smooth fitness path with no stiffness, this is your best bet. Acupoint massage balls are beneficial and produce outcomes over time. This is the best massage ball that you can get your hands on. It will help you boost your body's performance and provide you with the benefits listed above as well as others. 


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