What Is a Deck of Cards Workout and How Do You Do It?

What Is a Deck of Cards Workout and How Do You Do It?


By this point, you've undoubtedly gotten bored of performing the same workout routine at home. If you want to try something new or just mix things up, you don't need pricey equipment or a gym. You can get a wonderful workout with something you probably already have in your home: a deck of playing cards. Your card deck can be used for more than just card games and magic tricks. This quick guide has all the information you require about using a deck of cards during your workouts.


What Is a Deck of Cards Workout?

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The deck of cards workout is a high-intensity workout that uses a deck of playing cards to randomly serve out different movements and rep counts. Each card has its own workout, and the card number indicates how many repetitions are needed.

The benefit of this workout is that it is unpredictable; you never know what will come next. You can use the equipment you already own and modify the program to meet your fitness goals. No approach is correct or incorrect. All you need is an imaginative and open mind.


How Do You Work Out With a Deck of Cards?

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Follow these steps to perform a workout using a deck of cards:


You will go through the whole deck of cards in four-card intervals. The workout will consist of a total of 14 rounds. Each card's suit will stand for one of four exercises. Take the two jokers out of the deck.

To start, grab a piece of paper, list the four card suits (clubs, diamonds, spades, hearts) on it, then designate one exercise for each suit. For instance:


  • Clubs: Mountain Climber
  • Diamonds: Burpees
  • Spades: Squats
  • Hearts: Push-ups




The number on each suit will be the number of reps you need to perform. For instance, if you draw a card that says 4 of hearts, you will have to do four repetitions. The face cards have a distinct rep number:


  • Jacks: 11 reps
  • Queens: 12 reps
  • Kings: 13 reps
  • Aces: 15 reps


How to Play


Shuffle your deck and then take four cards from the top. You will perform the four exercises that correspond to the card's suit back-to-back, without a break. After you're done with the four exercises, take a one-minute break and draw another four cards from the deck and repeat the process. Do this until you work your way through the entire deck.



Let's say you take 4 cards out of a deck.

  • Card 1 shows 8 of Hearts
  • Card 2 shows Queen of Diamonds
  • Card 3 shows King of Spades
  • Card 4 shows Ace of Clubs


The directions for this four-exercise cycle state that you should perform 8 pushups, followed by 12 burpees, 13 squats, and 15 mountain climbers. There might be some overlap in some rounds, but that's great because it will make things more entertaining!


The Benefits of Using a Deck of Cards to Workout

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The following are some benefits of using a deck of cards to workout:


1) Variance


There are many infinite ways in which you can design a deck of cards workout, and even if you continually performed the same exercise, the stimulus and results would vary. So it's advantageous to often change up your workouts.


2) Mentally Challenging


When performing a deck of cards workout, you must deal with not just the physical challenges but also with numbers, simple math, and strategy. Therefore your intellect is suitably engaged without sacrificing intensity.


3) Gives You the Most Effective Workout


The deck of cards workout is well-liked by most people because of its challenging physical requirements and novelty. These workouts push you to the absolute limit, enabling you to maximize your efforts. There is a workout for everyone, whether they prefer cardio or bodyweight exercises.


How Do You Design Your Own Deck of Cards Workout?

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Create your own deck of cards using the steps below:


1) Choose a Workout Focus


You must first choose the type of workout you want to perform. For instance, if you want to do a total body workout, you should pick a variety of exercises that focus on your lower body, upper body, and core. Alternately, if you want to concentrate on cardio, you should choose exercises that raise your heart rate.


2) Choose Your Workouts


After deciding on your workout's goal, you should choose the exercises you'll do. Pick four exercises that each of the four suits can accommodate.


For instance:


  • Heart - Sit Ups 
  • Diamond - Mountain Climbers 
  • Spades - Jackknife
  • Club - Plank Jack 


Full Body Workout:

  • Heart - Burpees 
  • Diamond - Squats 
  • Spades - Skipping
  • Club - Push Ups 


Upper Body:

  • Heart - Pull Ups 
  • Diamond - Plank-Ups 
  • Spades - Superman 
  • Club - Pushups


Lower Body:

  • Heart - Squat Jump
  • Diamond - Glute Bridge 
  • Spades - Leg Raises 
  • Club - Jump Lunge



A deck of cards workout is a great way to spice up your workout and make it more enjoyable and challenging, but creating one can occasionally take some time. Over the years, numerous companies have created workout playing cards specifically for exercise routines. One such company is Acupoint. With the Acupoint full body deck of cards workout, everyone can find a workout that suits them, whether they prefer a bodyweight workout or simply cardio. These exercises are enjoyable whether you perform them alone or with a personal trainer. Check us out today!


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