How to Clean a Yoga Mat at Home

How to Clean a Yoga Mat at Home


Yoga is a great way to reduce stress. However, it might be challenging to unwind when your mat emits unpleasant odors with each movement you make and each stance you adopt. Fortunately, there are easy cleaning solutions that you can follow. In this blog, you'll learn how to keep your mat fresh, spotless, and ready for use.


Why Do You Need to Clean Your Yoga Mat?

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Working out on a yoga mat leaves behind sweat, skin, and hair. If not controlled, this organic waste can eventually result in the growth of bacteria and fungi. Therefore, it is crucial to routinely clean your yoga mat. But how often is normal? This depends on the type of yoga mat you use, whether you used it during a hot yoga session or more sedate exercises like a gentle yoga session, as well as the mat's brand and material.

If you are aware of the brand of your yoga mat, you may be able to find specific instructions on how often to clean it. If the manufacturer doesn't offer precise instructions or if you don't know the brand, consider cleaning your mat once a month or every two weeks, especially if you use it frequently.


How to Spot Clean and Disinfect Yoga Mats

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It's a good idea to spot-clean your mat before each session, especially if you're not using your own personal yoga mat. To do this, you can either prepare your own yoga mat cleaning solution or purchase one from the store. 

To make your own cleaning solution combine witch hazel, warm water, and a few drops of tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, or other essential oils. After that, use a soft cloth and a cleaning solution to gently wipe your yoga mat's entire surface in circular motions. When adding essential oils to the spray, be careful not to add too many drops at once; doing so could make your mat less sticky and make you slip.


How to Deep Clean Yoga Mats

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Deep cleaning yoga mats are essential especially when they emit bad odors or have become dirty. To deep clean a yoga mat, fill a bucket or spray bottle with warm water. After adding a few drops of liquid dish soap, spray the mixture onto the mat. Then, using a damp cloth, gently scrub the mat in a circular manner. If you have a closed-cell mat, clean it and pat it dry with a fresh towel. If you have an open-cell mat, properly rinse it or immerse it in clean water.


How to Dry a Yoga Mat

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Before storing it, make sure you let your mat air-dry completely. Bacteria might be attracted to a moist mat. To dry your mat, hang it on a railing or a chair. When the mat is fully dry, tightly roll it up and store it anywhere with good ventilation.


Additional Cleaning Tips

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To ensure that your yoga mat stays cleaner and germ-free for longer, follow the tips below:


  • Before using your yoga mat, wash your hands and feet. These are the places of your body that have the most contact with your mat.
  • If you tend to sweat a lot, think about covering the yoga mat with a towel. There are even specific yoga towels available for this use that won't slide about while you exercise.
  • Avoid wearing shoes on your mat. Consider going barefoot before stepping on your mat.
  • Before cleaning your yoga mat, check the mat's care instructions. Some yoga mats are sensitive to certain ingredients.




Yoga sessions are supposed to be a time of tranquility, but how calm can you truly be if your mat smells like old sweat? Now that you know how to clean a yoga mat at home, you have no excuse for not doing so.

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